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Inspired by the glass

We are often asked what inspires us to create our unique tables. Initially it was the antique stained glass windows themselves. Being able to give them new life and new function was challenging and exciting. Each piece of glass speaks to us in different ways. The size of the glass determines the table type and the colors in the glass defines the wood selection and stain color. But what would a table be without the right legs? 

Inspired by the legs

We also draw our inspiration from the unique and rare reclaimed antique table and industrial legs that we find. We search for these pieces that have been removed from their existing tables and then match them to the right piece of stained glass. This is when we begin creating our next table. Examples of some of these legs can be seen above. We have also used antique staircase spindles, sewing machine legs and theater legs in some of our completed works. We do not limit ourselves to just reclaimed legs, we also create our own legs. Whichever we chose, the result is always pure perfection, beauty and a perfect match.