Our process begins with the selection of the stained glass from our collection. The glass is then thoroughly cleaned and reinforced.

We find inspiration from, classic, reclaimed, century old table legs, staircase spindles, and other architectural elements that we pair with the stained glass to create our tables.

Our master craftsmen combine all of our design choices while using superior wood stains and lacquer finishes for durability.  Many of our tables are lit from within - light appears like sunlight to accentuate even more the art form's beauty.

Each piece of stained glass is then protected by a piece of tempered glass overlay. The results are pure perfection. Each unique table is individually named, signed by our designer and comes with a description of its history. 

Our unique, heirloom tables provide for the timeless preservation of architectural art, to be enjoyed for generations to come.Each is truly a work of design, art and history.

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