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Giardino Wall Art

This wall art named Giardino was created using an antique stained glass window from a large row house in downtown Cincinnati and dates back to the turn of the century. This piece once adorned the rear patio door leading out to the homes courtyard with its lovely gardens. The rear of this wall art uses a mirror to deflect light naturally, which enhances the opalescent glass and lovely shades of color. This piece will make a tranquil and serene addition to any home.

This piece measures 48-1/2" x 32-1/2”

Price      $3,500.00

Wall Art Collection

After creating our first few tables, we realized that these pieces of antique stained glass could also be preserved as pieces of wall art.  We offer the same superior craftsmanship and stylish elements as with our tables.  Wood types and staining colors vary depending on each piece but each piece is finished with multiple lacquer coats to insure lasting durability. These pieces can be backlit to enhance the colors and the intricate design of the art glass. The lighting is hidden from view and included is a dimmer control and rechargeable batter pack. We also offer a mirrored back option that refracts the natural light in the room and enhances the colors and design of the art glass.  

Please call or email for availability and pricing.

Fiori Wall Art

FIORI (flowers) is a wonderful piece of art that can be hung on the wall. It is constructed of cherry will a rich cherry finish. This stained glass was salvaged from a 1900 Victorian mansion. Added beauty is given to the glass by the addition of LED lighting with an on/off dimmer switch that is cleverly hidden on the backside. An optional battery pack with 9 hours of power can be used in place of wall plug.

This wall display measures 18" wide x 53" long.

Price      $1,600.00